Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here Come the Birds...

Sitting at the table during lunch today, there was a loud bang on the window. So loud, I immediately jerked my arm up to cover my face and about fell out of my seat. When I looked over to see what it was, a bird was haphazardly trying to land on the bird food hanger just outside our window.  It was like that moment in the Windex commercial from a few years ago, when the bird flew smack into the glass. WHACK!! Windex was proving how clean their windows were. This bird had no excuse however, despite giving my best effort, my home is never spotless. (Keep in mind, I run a child care business out of my home.)

It is kind of ironic that I have a bird food hanger outside the window. I have quite the love/hate relationship with the feathered fowl. In fact when I saw the picture above on Pinterest, I immediately re-pinned it, because it perfectly describes me. I love to watch them.... behind reinforced glass, or as they play baseball (Go Cards!!). Oh no, I'm not being irrational at all. Just listen to SOME of the less than pleasant experiences I've had with birds.....

**Once, while knocking on the door of a friends house, 2 sparrows started flying around my head, pecking at me furiously. They were so intent on me leaving that they continued swooping at me as I ran back to my car to take cover.  (Birds 1/Sara 0)

**Pooped on by Seagulls at Coney Island. (Birds 2/ Sara 0)

**Stalked by a raven as Dan and I were swimming on the roof top of our hotel in San Antonio. I kept trying to swim to the other side of the pool. The thing just kept following me. (Birds 3/ Sara 0)

**Most recently, while at the Memphis Zoo, while in the "Open Flight Area" the MOMENT I walked in, a large bird flew at me and swooped down at my head!!!!!!! (Birds 4/ Sara 0)

I was not surprised when I realized that a bird had flew into our window today. In fact, I'm chuckling to myself a little now. Chalk one up for ME!

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