Friday, May 4, 2012

Can He Fix It? Yes He Can!!

A few months ago the magnetron went out on our microwave. Just a couple weeks ago we finally had the time and will power to do some D.I.Y. and replace it. Now, I am an avid HGTV & D.I.Y. Network fan. So I was pretty excited about getting my hands on this project. I kept imagining that we were on the show "Renovation Realities" and that the whole nation was being entertained by our attempts at home repair.

The first part- Destruction. This was the easy part. This is the part where you can imagine my hubby doing the Tim Allen manly "I'm so bad" grunt, while I duck for cover. This was the easy part. 5 minutes and boom! Microondas AdiĆ³s! 

The next part- Reconstruction. This part was much...more...difficult. I don't know how many of you have ever tried to install an over the range microwave, but it's not for the weak of heart (or body.) First, we had to install the metal wall plate that secured the back. That was pretty simple. But aligning the microwave to where it would sit on the rack wasn't so easy. ESPECIALLY because direction #3 was completely missing. We read the guide over and over. I read it, Dan read it. The company had completely left off one of the directions! Well, we figured it out, and then realized the previous holes for the bolts did not align, so we had to take it down and re-drill bolt holes. Mid-drilling our drill dies, we have to take the microwave down and charge the thing.  Anyway, it was one set back after another, and our 'little' project ended up taking us 5 hours.

Here we are with our finished product. Now when we walk by that microwave, we have a whole new appreciation for it. Not just for the convenience it allows, but the dedication it took to have that convenience.

This is a parallel to life. Destruction is so easy. Hurting another with words or actions, takes no courage, no self-control, it's effortless. You may even feel vindicated for a short moment, thinking that person had it coming to them. The reconstruction that will have to take place after destroying someone in that way, will take time. You will probably run out of energy (like our drill did). Or get almost to the point where there's light at the end of the tunnel and realize that there are still some holes that need to be realigned (like our bolt holes). If your dedicated to the restoration process of that relationship, or friendship and ask God for guidance and courage, you can see a finished product. That relationship can bring great things to your life. Be encouraged, our God is the God of Restoration!!!