Monday, April 9, 2012

Beautiful Things

So this has been a long time coming. I've considered blogging several times, about many different topics; life in ministry, weight loss, teaching children, even writing reviews for toys and restaurants. When I would start to think seriously about it, I'd tell myself that I didn't have enough info to fill up a whole blog (well except for the life in ministry one, HA!) So, I will just give you a little of all of it, the glitter and grime of life.

My final inspiration to blog came today while watching my 20 month old daughter play. That's where my title came from. She is the perfect little package of an adventurous spirit & princess personality. She's that little girl you would see dressed in a tutu and jewelry (or pretties, as she calls them) while jumping in mud puddles and kicking around a soccer ball. In one of my favorite pics of her, she's got her hair in pig tails, cute little sundress on, and she's tracking deer in the field behind our house. She is a whole lot of glitter and the perfect amount of grime. While I was watching this warrior princess ride her ford play truck down the drive way as her pony tail bobbed up and down, I thought about a song that I had been listening to earlier that day.
Beautiful Things

The song and my daughter reminded me so much of how God looks at his children. We have dirt and grime of sin, but by his mercy and grace, he sees the glitter in each of us.

I'm so thankful for the spirit that God put in Chloe-Lael. She makes life so fun.

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